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Our Private Brands

Our Private Brands

Shirakiku®:  Shirakiku is Wismettac Asian Foods’ exclusive full-line brand of Asian products that originally fulfilled a demand in the Japanese markets of the United States. Shirakiku products have expanded into the Asian community with strong National brand recognition and increasing demand.  Fueled by the strong growth in Asian food category, Shirakiku brand items are now finding growing popularity in mainstream American grocery stores and restaurants.  The Shirakiku brand portfolio includes over 5,000 Asian food and non-food items.  The Shirakiku brand has become synonymous with the Wismettac Asian Foods and Nishimoto Trading names, with products available worldwide.




Staple Products:

Staple Products

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. carries a full line of staple food products and a wide range of Asian food brands (including our own exclusive brand).  These products are available in a wide range of packs and formats to retailers, restaurants and wholesalers/distributors worldwide.  Our primary product categories include:

Seafood:  Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Crab, Kani-Kama (Imitation Crab), Unagi (Eel), Octopus, Scallops and many more
Rice:  Sushi Rice, Calrose, Brown and more
Noodles:  Ramen, Udon, Soba and more …. Refrigerated, Frozen or Dry
Prepared Foods:  Gyoza, Shumai, Spring Rolls, Seaweed Salad and more
Vegetables & Oils:  Edamame, Ginger, Soybean Oils. Sesame Oils and more
Seasonings & Sauces:  Wasabi, Miso, Soy, Unagi, Ramen, Chili and many more



Non-Food Items

professional chef’s knives and toiletry items
non-food items

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. carries a wide selection of non-food items such as sushi trays, bento boxes, chopsticks, professional chef’s knives and toiletry items to retailers, restaurants, and wholesale/distributors. We carefully select our product line and carry only top of the line products that can help you improve your business and productivity.